#ideastakeflight Stories: Brandon Manning of OG Greens

Meet Brandon Manning, co-owner of OG Greens in Sioux Falls. We asked Brandon to share a bit about his journey, as well as his Idea Take Flight moment; that pivotal moment which allowed his business to grow through a major hurdle.

Because Brandon has lived on both coasts and many places in between, we first wanted to know what he loves about living and running a business in the Sioux Falls community:

I can liken Sioux Falls to one of those places where you're on a long road trip, pull over to grab a bite at some quaint establishment before hitting the road again, only to have one of the greatest meals of your life. Its a hidden jewel in a country filled with verbose cities. 

A persistent moral compass, complimented by a genuine appreciation for family, peace and understanding. I don't say this oblivious to some less than stellar experiences in Sioux Falls. I'm very much a realist. I say this, as to date, the greater good emanating from the streets and corn fields of this town has been a pervasive force for positivity in this world. I have the utmost, deep-hearted appreciation for the special energy that makes Sioux Falls what it is.


Brandon on his Ideas Take Flight moment:

I was in a video chat with my then current company. 100% remote institution. The conversation was about revolutionizing the real estate technology space and leveraging multiple facets of our platform while improving team ownership and efficiency. A conversation I was all too familiar with over the past 15 years. 

I knew I wasn't the best fit in my current position. Thusly, I'd been actively talking with friends & family, reviewing my experience of working in downtown Sioux Falls, where I saw a need and where that need intersected with a passion of mine. My mind couldn't have been further removed from the meeting taking place. 

Then it happened. I got a call from our banker, who'd been diligently working with us to square away our loan and get us the funding we needed to open. I flipped my computer camera to off, messaged the group that I'd be back, talked to the banker and realized that we were officially a go. Tastings, menu, marketing, funding; everything had aligned; almost to the exact date that I'd agreed to transition out of the company I was working for per a fantastic conversation with the CEO exactly 2 months prior; albeit with them not being aware of the side project/investment in the works at the time.

Depending on the concept and business model, funding your dreams presents one of, if not the greatest hurdle for startups. Once that was in place, my mind’s eye took over, I leaned back in my chair, sipped my drink and prepared for takeoff.

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OG Greens officially launched in Spring 2019 and is now serving “original goodness” loving customers in the Jones 421 building downtown Sioux Falls! OG Greens also offers catering and is building a meal-prep option for the Sioux Falls community. Check them out at oggreens.co.

If you are inspired by Brandon’s story of resilience, tenacity, and embracing the risks of failure, we encourage you to share yours! Zeal Center is here to help #ideastakeflight by connecting you with the resources that can help you get there most efficiently, and to guide you through the journey - challenges and triumphs alike!

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