The Opportunity is There!


We’ve known this for some time. Sioux Falls has a very unique growth trajectory that the rest of the USA is just discovering.

We (at Zeal) are investing in Sioux Falls. Our founders and professional partners are investing in Sioux Falls. Now we need the people of Sioux Falls to start investing more in themselves and to think big.

Local citizens, we the people, need to take advantage of these growing private sector opportunities making sure a high percentage of businesses operating in Sioux Falls are launched, owned and home-grown by local entrepreneurs. This is where Zeal wants to help, champion, and push our community forward! If you are ready to take that leap, come have a conversation with us. (link to connect)

Sioux Falls is booming. Opportunities are booming. Others are taking note. Let’s make sure over the next 3 to 5 years we keep up!

Final note on this article,
Not too much talk or understanding goes into the depth of the Forward Sioux Falls initiative and what it has created. It is mentioned in this article and for good reason. Make sure you are informed on FSF as it is a part of a private philanthropic effort accelerating this growth of Sioux Falls..

“Since 1987, an initiative called Forward Sioux Falls has been relying on donations from local businesses to finance most of the area’s economic development efforts, which at the moment include a giant new industrial park at the north end of town and a nearby corporate and academic research park affiliated with the University of South Dakota.”

This is in reference to the October 2, 2018 “Why Sioux Falls is Booming” article in Bloomberg by Justin Fox.