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Laurie Knutson
Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship

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Jake Peterson
5J Marketing + Design

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Thadeus Giedd
Zeal Center for entrepreneurship

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Rich Naser
USD DIscovery District

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Mike Vetter

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Jen Oberg
SD Development Corporation

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Matt Paulson

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Kurt Loudenback
Grand Prairie Foods

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Jim Masloski
Customs Direct LLC

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Melissa Moerike
Alternative HRD 

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Jason Ball
Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce

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Dan Oakland
Alternative HRD

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Holly Hansen
Alternative HRD

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Robert Nelson
Inanovate, Inc

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Karen DeLange
Alternative HRD


Crystal Steuerwald
Sunbird Software

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Bruce Watley
University of Sioux Falls

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Travis Thiex

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Mick Conlin
Fearless Foundation

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Brooke Brown
Throne Publishing Group

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Logan Roth
SD Development Corporation

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Kayla Johnson
Alternative HRD

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Carla Campbell
Alternative HRD

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Sandy Herkenhoff
Alternative HRD

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Julie Nelson
Alternative HRD

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John Small
Sunny Radio & Cloudcast

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Dan Farris
Sunny Radio

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Matthew Willard
The Funding Farm

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Tim Barry
Analysts International

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Jim Schaeffer
JCS & Associates

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Tracy Gran
New York Life

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Lucas Fredericks
Unify Consulting

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Marcia Hendrickson

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Sarah Laughlin
Goosmann Law Firm, PLC

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Brian Pan
ZMI USA Corporation

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Ryan Swanstrom
Unify Consulting