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Zeal Playbook: HR101 with Alternative HRD

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Zeal Playbook: HR101 with Alternative HRD

Moving from ‘Wing and a Prayer’ to ‘Soaring High’!

Session Description:
We know that fully 95% of employers throughout the United States have no human resources professional on staff, yet they still have to manage recruiting and hiring, compensation and benefits, policies and performance issues, training programs, federal and state employment laws, and creating a culture where their people can not only perform well, but thrive and excel!

Start-ups and small employers may be at a disadvantage against large organizations in some respects, but there are ways that they can compete, even in the areas of HR management. This session will identify a few key elements that will help those organizations move from operating on a ‘wing and a prayer’ to ‘soaring high’!

Session Outline:
This session is a one-hour basic overview of HR for start-ups and small employers – covering those elements that ought to be considered from day one, or if not from day one, from this day forward! Some of those elements include:

  • People. Getting the right people attracted to your organization, then leading them effectively, helping them grow with the organization, all while keeping them engaged and productive. It’s not simple, but there are numerous high impact things necessary to execute.

  • Compliance. Think of employment laws and regulations as “minimum daily requirements” – and there are a handful of critical ones. You do have to follow the law, whether that’s regarding wages and overtime, deductions, safety, time off, accommodations or non-discrimination laws. If you want to create a culture of excellence, you’ll need to go beyond the minimum daily requirements.

  • Culture. Your work environment is created either intentionally or unintentionally. It can be fairly easily measured, but very difficult to change. Your leadership, your policies and practices, your communications and relationships, your responsiveness and accountability all impact the environment in which your people work. As an organizational leader, you need to make sure the environment you create and control helps your people flourish and bear fruit!

Session Presented by:
Alternative HRD is an HR management and consulting firm based in Sioux Falls, SD. The firm provides expertise to businesses, non-profits and public entities in the areas of human resource management and development. While Alternative HRD provides HR support to employers of all sizes, their primary niche is serving as the “HR Department for Small Employers”.

About the E Playbook Series:
The "Entrepreneurs" Playbook is Zeal Center's series of classes and business workshops offered to bring forth industry leaders and their knowledge/expertise in a sharing of information and continued education fun format.

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