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Chalk Talk: Bring your business idea forward

We've all got ideas. The next patent-worthy invention, restaurant concept, subscription model, or the million dollar kick-starter revolutionary product.

Bring your idea forward to a group of business minds that will give honest feedback and if possible, advice on how to bring the opportunity from ideation to testing the market or MVP.

This is an open to the public event led by the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship. Have potential intellectual property concerns? Simple, just don't divulge all the details and save for private conversations with the trusted folks.

So if you are sitting on a business idea that you don’t know how to explore and want to share it to a supportive constructive group to help hash it out and determine if it has legs, this is your chance.

Chalk Talk, an accumulation of business minds and visionaries that will be on hand to listen, offer feedback, give an honest assessment, and help give direction to exploring opportunities in a safe place format.

Just show up and we'll determine the order on who gets the floor for 3 minutes to inform on their idea.

Reach out if you have questions!